1914 - 2014

A war, a hundred years ago,
involved more than 30 countries.
Our countries.
Today it is still remembered as
the Great War.

13 LUGLIO 2015


3 LUGLIO 2015


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If this page was a real news, tomorrow you would be enrolled, ready for fighting. Or maybe you would be forced to take care of wounded soldiers along the street, to hide your friends, to transform your enteprise in a Army’s supplier.
This is what happened 100 years ago.

WW1 is an editorial platform that addresses the public through a wide interactive map of the War Front containing many so far unpublished contents: 360° interactive and immersive panoramas, emotionally involving videos, certified historical documents like the Golden Book (“Albo d’Oro”), the Army’s official reports on the Great War, private memories, the reconstruction of forts and trenches and stories about daily life. A large public will access these materials in a digital format and in both Italian and English.

WW1 opens the way to discover the present and the past through the web, personal mobile devices or touch screens located in railway stations, airports and cities.

WW1 is a live tool growing in time to share knowledge and culture and to make them available through the languages people use as their own. WW1 is a non-profit cultural and historical project.

The Centenary of the Great War will cover a period of four years (2014 thru 2018), which will see high-impact events, celebrations and activities held on a local, national and international scale. The companies supporting major projects like the one we are developing are sure to benefit from a strong brand image and increased business potential.

The visitors flow in Italy specially for the Centenary is expected to be three times as much as for Italia150.

To become project sponsor, contact Digital Distillery by means of the form available in our website or email sponsor[at]grandeguerra100.it

The Cultural Association WW1 - dentro la Grande Guerra was founded in order to develop an important project such as WW1 and control the different project outputs keeping the highest quality. The Association wants to support research and study activities, promote knowledge, peace process, exchange and integration among people. The Great War Commemoration is a challenging moment to start this effort.

The Association cooperates with Italian as well as foreign Ministries, with public Institutions and private bodies, universities and schools in Italy and abroad to achieve the scheduled goals.

WW1 - dentro la Grande Guerra features a joint task management and the integration of its technological and professional partners’ competences into a single cross media product.

If you are a school, an Institution, a Business or an Industry contact us and enter the world of WW1

WW1 - inside the Great War. A knowledge tool.
For everyboy.
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